Credit Debit

An app to track money you give to people.

Manage your credit, debit, customers, suppliers, ledger accounts, lending, borrowings and debt.

Credit Debit


Does your business involve giving or receiving credit? Do you lend money to your friends and forget to collect it? If you need an app to maintain your debt records with any person or company then Credit Debit is the app for you.

Businesses spend lots of their time in maintaining and keeping record of their due balances with their customers and suppliers. Their main concern is how to get timely payment from their customers.

Credit Debit is a simple and easy to use app which aims to help you keep track of your debtors and creditors and recover your due amounts faster.

This app is ideal for small businesses, shopkeepers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors.

Users can record their credit and debit transaction with their customers. The app maintains transaction history which can be shared with customers either completely or date wise along with other details such as bills and notes.

User can also generate invoice or bill estimate and share it with their customers.

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credit debit

Manage your customer's and supplier's accounts easily.

Credit Debit

Send payment reminder. Get paid faster.

Credit Debit

Create and Share Inovice with customers.

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